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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Taking a ship around the lake

We wanted to have a boat ride around the lake beneath the castle.  We knew that a pilot would drive the boat, and that the passenger would enjoy the view.  We also knew, therefore, that the boat would be little bigger than a row- or speed-boat.  So, after I spoke in German to a Polish staff member at the main gate to book the boat trip, the boat trip nearly didn't happen.  Instead, she booked us on a tour of the castle, which we'd already had.  I had smelled a rat when she'd told us we'd be collected from Reception instead of at the main gate.  Luckily, not too much time was wasted before I found out we'd been booked on the wrong tour.  The staff member had misunderstood me.  I had used the German word 'Boot' for 'boat', but the staff member only knew the word 'Schiff' (ship) and assumed we must have wanted the castle tour!!  Sorry, but the vessels you see in the picture below are definitely not ships.

It was pleasant to be on the lake surrounded by the beautiful trees of Lower Silesia - maples, oaks and various pines - packed tightly together in the forests that wrap round the water's edge, casting eternal shade upon the moist and mossy grounds beneath them.
Interesting to get the perspective of the castle from below...

The pilot started playing Polish commentary over his loud speaker.  We told him it was best to turn it off.  No, he didn't have English or German commentary.  If this area wants to open itself up better to the outside world, it will need English as a minimum, and German because of its place in Europe.

After the voyage on the lake, Renate and I circled the castle at ground level.
Near the road, this wall marks the outer boundary of the castle's grounds.
It's a good idea to keep cats in a castle.  They help to keep the mice away.  Today, there mustn't be any mice...
Rain...Lower Silesia gets a lot of heat and then rain and even thunder storms.  A lot like Sydney.

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