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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Hello Shadows

Yesterday, Jean and I spent a little time in town on foot.  It's the tradition in Aberystwyth to complete a walk along the 'Prom', which runs along the seafront, by 'kicking the bar', which is found at the Prom's northern end, in the shadow of Constitution Hill.  But instead of ending our walk here, we began it at 'the bar', and walked along the Prom from there.

Constitution Hill, like everything else yesterday, did indeed cast a shadow.  It was a glorious day here for most of it.  On so many of my previous visits, rain and overcast days have prevailed, banishing shadows from the landscape.  But the sun shone brilliantly, assigning shadows to all objects, large and small.  
Jean and I started our morning walk by 'kicking the bar', beginning our walk 'in reverse'.  Cardigan Bay to the left.

When our walk began, the day was still cool and dull, and not many people were about.  We followed the Prom towards the main part of town, inspecting the newly built Bandstand (after the sea destroyed the old one).  In the Bandstand, we learned that Aberystwyth University's Old College was soon holding a 'Planetarium Experience'.  So, we chose to take a look.
Inside the Old College, which sits opposite the Prom and the Amusements pier, we climbed inside a pop-up 360 degree planetarium.  It was dark in there, and two men from the Department of Physics explained the solar system's planets and the various constellations in the northern night sky.  And there is the 'pole star', the one star in the Northern Hemisphere sky which 'doesn't move' (there's another pole star in the southern sky). 
The planet Saturn is projected onto the 'screen', or 'wall' inside the pop-up 360 degree planetarium.
By the time we'd emerged from the planetarium, the sun shone very brightly, and the Prom was filling up quickly with people.
Aberystwyth - looking round to Constitution Hill
After the planetarium experience, we amused ourselves in the Amusements pier, playing on the 2p machines.  We spent about 2 pounds, but got most of it back.
After some time in the Amusements, we continued walking along the Prom towards the marina.  Here, Jean wanted to investigate the new Piscoti shop, where you can order a seafood meal and/or coffees, and sit and enjoy the fresh, Atlantic air, between the sea and the marina.  After checking this out, we passed through the ruin of Aberystwyth Castle, and made our way into Great Darkgate Street.
Aberystwyth Castle, built about 700 years ago, is today a ruin, partly the victim of plundering by locals through the centuries for its materials.
There were lots of people out and about in Great Darkgate Street yesterday, during the brilliant sunshine.
On the corner of North Parade and Queens Road is this memorial to a local German man, hounded out of Aberystwyth during the First World War.

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