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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

In search of the Little Mermaid

We arrived in Copenhagen around 6pm, having come in by train from Hamburg.  As there are so many summer daylight hours available, we went out walking.  I wanted to see where the Queen of Denmark lived, and Jean wanted to find the little mermaid, a famous Copenhagen statue.

On the way to find the Palace and the little mermaid, we felt Copenhagen was a pleasant city, with a sort of Hans Christian Andersen feel about it.

Here, we found the Queen's Palace.  A guard stands and keeps watch.  The Palace is behind.
We thought Queen Margrethe's residence was like a miniature Buckingham Palace.
The Palace is part of a large square.  This statue is in the middle.
On the long hunt for the little mermaid...
At last we found her, sitting by the water's edge on a rock.  We then went off, found food, and returned to our hotel, the Hotel Absalon.  We ate late, somewhat fooled by the long hours of sunshine in European summers.  The sun sets at 10 minutes to 10.

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