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Sunday, 26 June 2016

St David's

On 24 June, the four of us took another drive.  We drove first to Pentre Ifan, the site of a Neolithic wonder.  This rock was placed upon the other rocks by Neolithic people 5,500 years ago, and has perched there ever since, originally being part of a larger construction.

We drove to St David's, the city of the Patron Saint of Wales.  The above is the Cathedral.
St David's is one of the smallest cities in Britain.  Since it has a Cathedral, it can qualify as a city.
Next to the Cathedral is the ruin of St David's Bishop's Palace.
As far as ruins go, it's a pretty good ruin.  Rather different from how it looked in the 1340s when it was constructed, it still clearly shows where certain rooms were, the corridors, servants quarters, kitchen, storage areas and so forth.

Standing in the Great Chamber, looking to the Great Hall.
Steps leading into the Great Hall
Looking down into the Great Hall
Peering through a Palace window at the Cathedral of St David's.
Inside the Cathedral, which was huge.  I wondered if it were as big as the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.
This is a medieval game called Nine Men's Morris.  Instructions in how to play the game are shown below.

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