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Monday, 27 June 2016

Short stop in Chester

We had a fairly long day today, leaving Bow Street on the mid-Welsh coast at exactly 10am, and arriving at Lake Windemere in the Lake District around 6.45pm.  On the way, we had a 45 minute coffee break at Bala in North Wales, and stationery traffic held us up in Lancashire.  Otherwise, we had a roughly three-hour break in Chester, in which we toured the Chester Cathedral and strolled the old city walls.
The Chester Cathedral - a church has existed here since the 690s.

Inside the Cathedral

In the cloisters

This is the Cobweb picture, a picture which has been painted onto the web of a caterpillar.  There are 66 such pictures in the world.  This one in the Chester Cathedral is the only cobweb picture in Britain.
The wood carving in this area of the Cathedral dates to the 1380s.
I appreciated the Cathedral's natural light coming in, which seemed better than in other churches and Cathedrals.
Wood carving that dates to the 1380s

Chester's Tudor style is very charming.

Part of Chester's old city walls
Looking down from the city walls 
We took a walk along the old city walls...
...which, for a time, runs alongside water.

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