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Sunday, 29 May 2016

In search of the Johanneum

We drove from Dresden to Görlitz and then on to Zittau, before finally reaching our destination, the castle Czocha in Poland, but more about that in the next blog post.
We found Görlitz to be a very charming, beautiful old city, not without culture.  Henry Thode, my great-grandfather's cousin, studied here for a time.  
We didn't stay too long, just had a quick look.  Görlitz is cut in half by the river Neise.  In fact, the other half of the city is in Poland.
We drove on to Zittau.  The above is the Johanneskirche, a church on the edge of the Markt (market).  I particularly wanted to see the city because my great-grandfather, Felix, went to school here in the Johanneum, which we hoped to locate.
Just up from the Johanneskirche, we found the Johanneum.  Felix Thode began lessons here after Easter 1879.  He stayed until about 1881.  This we know from records.  
Today was Sunday, so we couldn't enter the school.  A sign on the window announced there were currently many cases of chicken pox.

Me outside the main entrance to the Johanneum

The Johanneum is on the corner of Pfarrstrasse and Theaterring.
Renate, Christine and I climbed to the top of the Johanneskirche.  The Johanneum is the four-storey building in the middleground, right of the foreground tower.
Looking down on the Markt.
All around the horizon are hills and mountains.
The Johanneum is at the right of this picture - with the tower at its left.

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