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Thursday, 12 May 2016

From Vigo to Redondela

Yesterday's walking time was more than nine hours.  Today's was probably no more than five hours, a walk that took us from Vigo up into the hills that overlook the estuary, or the Ria de Vigo, which we followed all day but saw only intermittently.  We were rained on a little, but it wasn't as bad as yesterday.  

This is from my Fitbit from yesterday, showing how many steps I took and how far we walked.
In the estuary, out from Vigo, are many oyster leases.
We followed the trails that led through the hills above the Ria de Vigo.
Along the way, we found this waterfall... we took photos and selfies.
We found a multitude of gum trees.
In some of the populated areas we passed through, we encountered interesting stone houses, granite fences and fancy gates.  This entrance looked a little old but intriguing.
This is a community tub for washing clothes.  We've seen them in a few different places.  Carolyn and Neil said they're in France as well.

Jean found it hard going down hill, so she borrowed Carolyn's walking poles.

We stopped for a late lunch at the Vilarosa Restaurant around 3 pm.  We had 'rooster fish', as well as beef with mushrooms, prawns, scrambled egg and vegetables.  The village appeared very sleepy, apart from this excellent restaurant.  We thought it was closed when we arrived, but moments later a dozen noisy locals arrived for a feed.
Down the road from the sleepy village was the city of Redondela, which has 5,000 people, according to the taxi driver who took us from the centre of town to our hotel.  We caught a taxi because the Camino instructions say to hail a cab.  Having reached Redondela, we now meet up with the Portuguese Way coastal route.  So, we now see more scallops....

Neil, me and Jean in Redondela's town centre.
At Hotel Anton, this is the view from our room.  Jean and I were reminded of Lake Garda in Italy.
Jean and Neil (who's next door).

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