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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Caldas de Reis to Padron

Day 5 of the Camino and our first sunny day!  We couldn't believe it - the sun actually came out.  For the ladies we know who have walked from Porto, it was even more welcome.  Between Porto and Baiona, for them, there was torrential rain.  For us, it's been steady at worst.  But at least our shoes (mine are moabs) have not got wet, whereas our fellow-Camino walkers' socks were soaked back in Portugal.  

In the rain, I miss the scenery because I tend to walk with my head down, seeing only about the first three metres in front of me.  Then, I'll realise mud is at my feet and I need to step to the left or right.  Carolyn and Neil, who both wear glasses, complained of them fogging up.  I also wear glasses, but I wasn't worrying about that.

The scenery was not any different today to the scenery we've encountered thus far.  Lush green hills and fields, great quality soil, vineyards, rivers, creeks, stone houses, vegetable patches, villages, centuries-old churches, and the ubiquitous track, trail, pathway, lane way, and road as well as the ever-present Camino arrows and scallops guiding us ever forward.

While walking this long distance, I can't help thinking back into history.  I'm reminded of the Second World War when many European women prisoners of the Japanese were made to march hundreds of kilometres through harsh, humid, mosquito-infested terrain.  And I remember Allied prisoners of war, in early 1945, who were forced to walk westwards away from the advancing Russians in freezing conditions.  In both cases, many died along the way.  But here we are complaining there aren't enough coffee shops on our Camino or not enough toilets or, especially in my case, not enough quality access to the Internet.

Remarkable...we have shadows....the sun's out at last!
It's the first time sheep have blocked our path.

Neil placing stones upon a Camino sign.
Beneath the arrow, it says 'P.K. 33.089'.  This means the distance to Santiago de Compostela is 33.089 kilometres.  We will reach Santiago the day after tomorrow.  Having walked at least 90 kilometres, I feel we're almost there!
Some of the English and Welsh ladies...and Neil

Heading into Padron, our destination for today.
In this pretty park in Padron are many plane trees, a popular tree found all over Europe.

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  1. Hi Malcolm - looks beautiful, even with the rain :) Mel